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Title: Ready for our Bridal Bed?
Character/Pairing: Hyde, Lisa, Utterson, Lisa/Hyde/Utterson (in a sense)
Summary: AU. What if Hyde had not been moved by Lisa's pleas and had not asked to be killed? How might things have happened?
Rating: PG-13 - light R
Warnings: Dubious consent
A/N: This is musicalverse, though I take some liberties here. I assumed that since the writers keep changing the plot of the musical, I'm allowed to be lenient with it in fanfiction. Oh, and I use "Lisa" rather than "Emma" because I like the name better. And it doesn't remind me of my friend Emma, because imaging her in this story would be disturbing. But I digress.

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Title: The Things We Do
Fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Characters: Mina Harker/Henry Jekyll
Prompt: 031 you knocked me out, I can never be the same;
I pushed you over, but here we still remain

Word Count: 525
Rating: G
Summary: Why do we do the things we do? Henry Jekyll reflects.
Author's Notes: Another AU "RPG-verse" Mina/Henry
Written for my 50lyricsfanfic table

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You know, when I start a community, it might be good to actually post a welcome post! Thank you to those that have joined, even though its very much in its infancy. As a way of saying 'hello' here is a J&H wallpaper! Its in 800x600 resolution but looks just fine stretched for 1024x764 monitors (I should know I have one!) Feel free to post fic/icons/gossip/wallpapers and anything you want about your favourite fandoms!

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